GREENSBORO, N.C. —  Greensboro group, Bikewalla, is devoting its time to fix up bikes to give to refugees settling in our area.


What You Need To Know

Bikewalla is a group of people eager to help others through transportation

It has already received over 400 bikes in need of repairs

The group is also involved in other projects involving more than just refugees 


Sheldon Herman and his crew have had over 400 bikes donated toward their cause, and after they fix them up they give them to several groups like Church World Service in Greensboro to distribute to newcomers.

Herman said the refugees coming here usually show up with nothing and are going to need to earn a living. He said he wants them to kick start their life here in the United States with transportation so they can make a living for themselves and their families. 

“Reusing things that would otherwise be discarded because people can’t afford a bike this nice, when it’s worn out they’ll just go buy a new bike, and a lot of times in the past they would set it out on a curb and let the trash take it away, and now we make sure that all the stuff gets reused and given to people who actually need it," Herman said. 

Bikewalla is always looking for bikes to fix up. If you'd like to donate a bike, you can bring it to Reconsidered Goods at 4118 Spring Garden St. Greensboro NC, 27407 or at REI at the Friendly Center at 3334 W. Friendly Ave. Ste. 140, Greensboro, NC 27410.