BOONE, N.C. — If you're walking around the woods or in your yard just remember to look down and around. Snakes are on the move as they prepare for the colder months.

John Caveny has been working at Grandfather Mountain for eight years. He's the director of education and natural resources.

Caveny's father was a wildlife officer, so growing up he always had a love for animals. He has a respect for them that he says is lacking by many people due to misinformation.

"I think that there's an instilled fear that just comes with humanity to fear snakes and view snakes as being a bad guy," Caveny said.

Cuddlebug is one snake at Grandfather Mountain. Her owner had her for 12 years and gave her up.

"Non-venomous normally have this real slender tapper off head, venomous snakes have a diamond shape head," Caveny said.

Snakes are now on the move. Caveny says they are looking for an open spot on a trail where sun is shining through while on their way to find their home for the winter.

He says many areas will have different kinds of snakes living together to get through the winter time. Caveny wants to remind those heading into the mountains to always look down and be cautious.

If you see a snake, walk around. Caveny says a snake will not bite you unless provoked.