CHARLOTTE, N.C — On a Carolina History and Haunts ghost tour you can wander Uptown Charlotte, explore Winston-Salem's historic West End District or stroll the streets of Greensboro by lantern light, hearing ghost stories from each city's past.

The tours bring in locals or tourists just passing through town. There are believers, like Dean Hansen.

“When I was little there was a little top on the table spinning, and I had no idea why. But I do remember it because it was the only thing in my life I can’t explain,” Hansen said.

There are also skeptics, but that doesn't bother Charlotte guide, Laura Aguirre.

“Now, it isn't my intention to just try to make you believe in ghosts. I really wanted to take you on a journey through our city and through time,” Aguirre told a group in August.

You can book an evening tour in Charlotte, Winston-Salem or Greensboro year round.