CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On the corner of East 7th and College Street is where you’ll find Charlotte’s new Wall of Love. 


What You Need To Know

The wall is filled with bags full of toiletry items for people to take 

Holly Jackson started doing these pop-up walls two years ago 

She created a pop-up wall in Charlotte and Gastonia a few months ago 

You can find her new wall on the corner of East 7th and College Street in Uptown 


“I absolutely love this city and the people that are here,” Holly Jackson said. 

Jackson is the creater of the wall. For the last two and a half years she’s traveled across the United States creating permanent and pop-up walls filled with bags of toiletry items. 

“It costs zero dollars to be kind and it costs zero dollars to be a good human being, and that’s all I’m trying to do,” she said. 

So far she’s created 900 walls helping over 300,000 people in over 20 different states. 

The Cleveland native traveled to Raleigh and Greensboro Thursday to create more walls. 

Friday morning, she was in Winston-Salem before traveling to Charlotte to create one in the afternoon. 

Jackson is a domestic violence survivor and hopes these walls can provide a little bit of help to those in need. 

“You’d do anything for your family to protect them and care for them, and sometimes that means losing everything that you have,” she said. “That was my case. I had everything. I had a job. I had a car. I had a house, but what I didn’t have was safety and my child did not have safety so that was more important to me than anything.” 

Jackson plans to drive to Augusta, Georgia Saturday to build her next Wall of Love. 

She says after that she plans to visit Myrtle Beach and Charleston to create pop-up walls there. 

You can keep up with Jackson on her Facebook page here or on Twitter here.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Wall of Love in your city or making a donation you can reach out to Jackson at