CHARLOTTE, N.C. — You've heard of baby showers and wedding showers to celebrate milestone moments in life, but what about a business shower?

The nonprofit Freedom in Me celebrates entrepreneurs with these special events. New businesses, or someone who plans to open a business, can apply to be a recipient.

What You Need To Know

  • The nonprofit Freedom in Me throws business showers each month with gifts for small business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Business shower gifts range from helping someone set-up licenses, creating a website and even buying necessary equipment

  • Business showers are funded through grants and community donations

If chosen, owners can get help setting up licenses, getting their website up and running, or even buying equipment. The goal is to get businesses whatever they need to succeed.

Alexua McDougal was the first business shower recipient. Her company Courage 2 Bee sells motivational shirts with sayings that helped her through a rough time in her life.

“Why wouldn’t I help somebody else who's going through something similar to be encouraged, to be motivated and to do something that is going to elevate you in the end,” McDougal asked.

Business showers are held each month. You can become a sponsor or apply for a business shower here