GREENSBORO, N.C. — We all might do small things to make our communities a better place, but Sadie Blue likes to do big things to help communities outside of her own.

She is a community consultant who works for the Greensboro Community Foundation. She goes into neighborhoods that need help securing resources, cleaning up or are looking for solutions to any number of issues. 

What You Need To Know

  • Sadie Blue is a community consultant who helps neighborhoods in need across the city

  • She helps people secure grant funding, clean up or increase access to tools

  • She believes that helping others is her passion, and at the end of the day, everyone is part of one city and needs to work together

“This is not necessarily work, it’s my passion, my purpose,” Blue said. “I love it, I thrive on getting people excited, figuring out ways to connect people together and connecting neighborhood to neighborhood.”

Blue goes wherever she is needed. She stays heavily involved with about five neighborhoods per year and helps about 30 others as well. 

“My purpose is being fulfilled,” Blue said. “I don’t ever look for pats on the back, I just need to know that at the end of the day, I’ve left somebody in a better shape than I found them in.”

During the pandemic, she has started to focus on fitness and access to fresh food in some neighborhoods as well. 

“In order to build a stronger neighborhood, we have to talk about the people in the neighborhood,” Blue said. “Because that’s what makes up the neighborhood. And in order for it to be stronger, the people have to be stronger.”

Blue says there is no issue she won’t try to tackle, if it means it could make a neighborhood a better place. 

“I love helping people to be better. If you want to be better, you want your neighborhood better, I’m your girl,” Blue added. “I will come in and see what we can do, shoulder to shoulder.”