CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. — If you take one look at Sheryl Kluge’s garage you might think you were in a grocery store.

Kluge decided she wanted to help Concord families any way she could, so she came up with the idea for a blessing box back in 2018.

“We kept getting a lot of no’s,” she says. “It was pretty hard to get somebody to agree to put a blessing box in downtown, in their area."

However, all of those no’s were just a minor setback. The following year, she was able to get the Concord Fire Department to install Kluge’s very first blessing box outside Station 5, off Pitt School Road.

Kluge started with one box in 2019 and now she has seven.

Every weekend she comes out and stocks these boxes, which are located throughout Cabarrus County

With so many boxes to maintain, sometimes Kluge wondered if she could keep them all full of food.

“God is good because every time I would do that…drive in and say 'I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna have,' somebody would call and say we want to do a collection or we collected items so somebody always came through,” she says.

She personally adds 3,000 items a month to these boxes, and that need quickly increased once the pandemic hit.

“Our need….skyrocketed,” Kluge exclaimed. “These boxes were…I could fill it and go back the next day and they were empty.”

So, Kluge went one step further.

She created a nonprofit called 1Can to collect more donations and fill these boxes.

It’s not always easy, but Kluge says she’ll continue to make sure they stay full for anyone in need of a little blessing.

“You may not think your one can is that important, but it can be,” she says. “That one can of peanut butter could mean three kids eat for a couple of days.”

Kluge is always in need of donations and food to help keep these boxes full.

If you would like to help or find out the locations to all of the boxes in Cabarrus County, you can visit their Facebook here or send Kluge an email.