CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte food pantry is going the extra mile to make sure people in need get to celebrate Thanksgiving.

When COVID-19 forced Loaves & Fishes to shut down all 41 of its food pantries, they went mobile. The organization is inviting people in need to drive to their distribution warehouse where volunteers will bring donations to their cars.

They’ve also launched a food delivery program to get food to people who can’t leave their homes because they’re battling COVID-19 or just don’t have transportation.

Loaves & Fishes Executive Director Tina Postel says it’s all thanks to community support.

“This warehouse is full of volunteers who are busy packing boxes, donors who are brining us turkey and fixings, and volunteers who are putting themselves on the line too by offering their vehicle's and their man power to deliver food safely to someone's home,” Postel says.

This week the organization is adding turkeys to people's orders.

One family said they were worried they wouldn’t have a nice Thanksgiving dinner because they’re recovering from COVID-19 and have fallen on hard times because of it.

"We're isolated to the home right now, so with this right here, that should buy us a few more days, which we should be coming out of quarantine by the end of the weekend," the family explained. 

With Thanksgiving and Christmas still to go, Loaves & Fishes has already fed over 100,000 people so far this year. That’s compared to just over 80,000 in 2019.