DANVILLE, V.A. — Virginia will move forward with the development of four casinos across its state, and one of them will border North Carolina.

Voters in the city of Danville, just north of the Piedmont Triad, passed the casino referendum last week.

Caesars Entertainment will move forward with the casino, 300-room hotel, and entertainment venue.

The project will bring more than 1,200 jobs to the region.

"Being in the region, I think just about everyone should be excited about the possibilities of the jobs, the tax base, and the cultural experiences that it could potentially bring,” says Leigh Cockram, director of economic and tourism development for Rockingham County.

Construction will start in fall of 2021, and will take about two years.

“For years, years, and years, people from Danville would get in their car and drive to North Carolina and spend money,” says Steve DelGiorno, a local business owner in Danville. “Now we’re starting to see that transition come here and I’m seeing people from Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, coming to Danville even now, spending money. So, I love to see that shift.”

Bristol, Norfolk, and Portsmouth are also moving forward with plans for casinos.

All casinos will operate under state licenses, issed by the Virginia lottery board.