CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is investigating after one of its virtual classes was "Zoom bombed."

"Zoom bombing" is when someone who is not supposed to be in a chat gains access to it for the purpose of interruption.

A local Boys and Girls Club virtual learning program aid, Jeremiah Motta, witnessed it.

“It was about at least 18 messages full with the racist slur over and over and over again,”  Motta said.

Motta was in the middle of working with students on their virtual curriculum when a Carmel Middle School student alerted him of it.

“She actually like called me over and was like ‘Mr. Jeremiah come look at this,' and I thought it was a video she was watching and she was like 'this is my class' and I was like…,” Motta said.

Motta says he was left speechless.

Unfortunately, Motta has also experienced being called the N-word back when he was in middle school. After explaining that it wasn’t OK, he encouraged her.

“I always tell my kids to take that anger and that hatred that they put on to you to do more and be better,” Motta said.

But after reporting the incident to CMS, he says it happened a week later in the same student's class.

“It’s just a distraction that the kids shouldn’t have to deal with and some kids find it funny, and for somebody who takes offense to it, it throws them off for the rest of the day,” Motta said.

School leaders say what’s likely happening is people are accessing the Zoom class with students' login information, and teachers are unknowingly letting them in.

Motta tells us many of the teachers have since disabled comments to stop it from happening.

CMS released this statement about the Zoom bombing incident:

CMS has an expectation that all students will be actively engaged in the educational process of remote learning without distraction. Appropriate behavior in accordance with the CMS Student Code of Conduct, as would be required in classrooms, is part of that expectation. The district would encourage parents and caregivers to maintain those same expectations at home during remote learning. Students who are not adhering to appropriate behavior will be addressed by the school and appropriate disciplinary action will be issued.