NORTH CAROLINA – Caitlin Gooch, founder of "Saddle Up and Read," is collecting books from all over the world for her nonprofit.

“It’s important to give children books because reading is important, literacy rates in our country are low, and I want to use my horses to make a rise in those," Gooch said.

Not only is she helping kids read, but she's promoting black equestrians and has collected an entire library full of them.

"Representation matters," Gooch said. "I didn’t grow up seeing other black equestrians in literature, and I love to read, and I love horses. But I did grow up fortunate enough around black equestrians.”

One of the equestrians she grew up with was Ray Charles Lockamy.

He'll be riding on his horse from North Carolina to California this September to bring awareness to homelessness.

Now, Gooch is working with him to promote her cause. She'll be sending him with 250 bags, each containing three books to pass out to homeless children across the country.

Two of the books will be about black horse owners, written by her friend Abriana Johnson.

Both Johnson and Gooch hope this will help children learn to read, as well as get acquainted with horses.