BOONE, N.C. -- Outdoor gear is hard to come by as more people are heading outdoors to social distance.

Waypoint Outfitters in Boone has been selling kayaks, tubes, fishing gear, and hiking gear a lot more often.

The store's owner says it used to take them two days to get a kayak, but now it takes six weeks.

The increase is due to a demand increase all over the United States, as more people are finding family activities that are safe during this time. She says fewer people are taking big trips and more are camping.

The increase in sales, she says, may be due to many heading out who have never explored outdoors before.

"People who are perhaps new to the outdoors or have been outdoors, who are looking to do a longer adventure or tweak their hiking adventure in some way, and are looking for a different kind of gear. Generally, this time of year, we might be more apparel heavy. This year we have been more gear heavy," says Waypoint Outfitters owner Katy Stough.

The store is allowing people to shop online as well and has even had people meet them halfway between the shop and where they purchase kayaks to get the kayak to them faster.