CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Hundreds of children helped lead a march in Uptown Charlotte on the Fourth of July.

9-year-old Jaxson Brooks says children are the future, and they should be a part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Kids haven’t been marching, and they need to care about it too,” Brooks says.

Brooks' grandmother says it took about three weeks to organize the event.

“This is important to me because these little ones will inherit the earth that we leave behind,” Brooks’ grandmother, Mary Allen, says. “They need to mobilize and understand what it means to peacefully protest when things aren’t going the way that they need to in the world.”

The event started at First Ward Park with speeches, and then the marchers hit the streets. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police helped block off roadways so the crowd could march peacefully.

“I love this march because kids also get to see what it’s like and feel and to change the world,” Brooks says.