HOKE COUNTY, N.C. -- Kameron Maynor is just 6 years old, and he’s determined to try and help people. So with the help of his family, he’s creating a business called "KP Rocks" or "Kameron’s Prayer Rocks".

Customers send in requests for an individual rock, then Kameron decorates it with  special words or paints the customer’s name on it. After making it customized for that person, the 6-year-old then says a prayer over the rock as he holds it in his hands- a specific prayer for a specific person.

His parents tell us that since starting his business in December of last year, nearly 300 people have become customers. They tell us their family has a long tradition of faith and that was the foundation to begin this.

Another motivation was to help people as they confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Kameron has created special rocks and prayers for essential workers like those in healthcare, along wth police and firefighters.