WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Dietitians said extra time at home amidst the coronavirus could cause people to lose sight of weight loss goals, health plans, and increase stress and mindless eating.

“We are quarantined, and it's a very stressful situation, and sometimes our priorities have shifted. Making sure that we are getting back to our healthier selves is really important," Alyssa Marrero, a dietitian with Novant Health said.

While her office is open, she said many of her patients do not feel comfortable coming in yet and are doing virtual visits.

“We talk through their goals and kind of see what's going on, help motivate them to reach their goals even with the stressful situation. It can be a little more difficult to hold them accountable, but a lot of patients we see, they really want the best for their health, so they're really striving to do the best they can," Marrero said.

She said she has encouraged her patients to set a schedule for eating. She also recommended families walk and exercise together to establish a healthy routine they can share.