CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The sports world is starting to return to normal as some teams go back to practice and other sporting events continue without fans.

What You Need To Know

  • High school sports have been canceled since March due to the coronavirus

  • As North Carolina works to re-open, high school football coaches are waiting to see when they can return to the field

  • Charlotte Catholic High School's head football coach says practice will have to be adjusted and sped up so the team can hopefully compete in August

The exact fate of Fall sports, specifically at the high school level, is still in limbo.

Mike Brodowicz, the head football coach at Charlotte Catholic High School, says in the off-season, his team was putting in work in the weight room.

“I’m a big believer in the weight room, not for so much strength as much as for injury prevention in the game,” he says.

When coronavirus forced schools to close, Brodowicz and his coaching staff came up with a plan to make sure players were staying up to date with their training.

“We took kind of like a survey of what kids had equipment to use at home, little benches, versus what kids are doing that just have body weights and things like that,” Brodowicz says.

He says June is normally when things would pick up on the practice field.

“We really hit it hard end of May, first of June with seven on seven, so the end of May, first of June has kind of backed us up a little bit,” Brodowicz says. “We’re going to have to spend a little more time in the latter part of June, if Governor Cooper opens up, or gives us some guidelines on how we can start to practice or lift.”

With football, it’s hard to practice social distancing while playing.

“When you line up in football, there’s 12 inches between the two offensive lines and defensive lines, so there’s no social distancing,” Brodowicz says. “You’re handing a common ball off, and you’re landing on people, and you’re wiping sweat out of your eyes with the helmet on. So it breaks all the rules of the CDC that all of us have memorized.”

While the timeline may not be clear of when teams can return to the field, Brodowicz and his team are ready to hit the ground running, blocking, and catching to start their quest for a fourth straight championship.