RALEIGH, N.C. – During this COVID-19 pandemic many people are looking for ways to help. One organization is working to connect those volunteers with remote opportunities.

A simple phone call can make all the difference.

“You call them and say, 'I’m a volunteer and I’m making a kindness call' and they’re like, this is the nicest thing that’s happened all week!” Olivia Ecker explained. “And they jump in with telling you about their families they haven’t seen.”

Ecker is one of many volunteers making kindness calls to seniors.

“We are working directly with senior centers, retirement communities on how to best connect with seniors that are isolated during this time,” Ecker said. “Many of them are in nursing home facilities that had to take extra precautions, even up to five and six weeks ago. And so those seniors aren’t able to see their regular visitors that they’re use to seeing.”

This is one of many ways folks are helping out through Activate Good, which is a Triangle organization connecting volunteers with nonprofits. Once the COVID-19 pandemic began, it had to change course and look for remote volunteer opportunities.

 “The needs of the community don’t stop,” said Amber Smith, the executive director of Activate Good. “In fact, we’re seeing that they’re even greater at this time, and nonprofits are being asked to do more now with less resources, less dollars, and less volunteer manpower. Anything that we can do, big or small, to be supporting these causes from home is super critical right now."

From kindness calls for seniors, to courage cards for cancer patients, sewing masks for our healthcare heroes, even spreading positive messages.

“In a time like this, everyone wants to do good in an area that they’re really passionate about and I think, no matter the area you’re passionate about right now, Activate Good has a volunteer opporunity to match to that.” Ecker said.

Activate Good currently serves more than 500 unique Triangle-area organizations that use volunteers to support their work. But Smith encourages everyone to volunteer, wherever you live.

“The beauty of remote volunteering is of course that you can do it from anywhere,” Smith said. “I will say there are other organizations doing similar work across the country and across the state. So if you’re interested in supporting your local causes, try to find an Activate Good-like organization in your city."

For more information about Activate Good, click here.