CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. --Trying to show off a home for sale during the COVID-19 outbreak is difficult because of social distancing. But new technologies are helping with that.

Now, many potential buyers are being given virtual tours of those homes, and they're getting a really enhanced view too.

"Through our 3D walkthrough tours that we're able to do now, we have drones flying over the houses...and getting shots from that and then those walkthrough tours, you're really're able to get a complete 360-degree picture. People are buying houses by pushing buttons on the internet," said Quentin Dane, a realtor from Wake County.

The real estate market was really robust earlier this year. Then the virus outbreak happened, and things have really slowed down.

"If you look at the gross numbers right now, March of this year turned out to be better than March of last year. But if you look at the last two weeks, that's where things became serious. It became real," said Dane.

Once the pandemic ends, it's likely that the virtual tours that are so necessary now will become so popular and convenient for perspective buyers, that most visits to homes will be done this way.