CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Many of the roughly 10,000 seniors graduating from Charlotte-Mecklenburg high schools this year are getting ready for another four years of education in college. But some, who want to skip the degree, may have a chance to get paid playing video games.

Carolina Fintech Hub is recruiting CMS seniors for Charlotte's first Youth Technology Apprenticeship Camp; a program to train at least 20 students in STEM.

Students in the apprenticeship camp play video games for 90 minutes each day as well as going through coursework, projects, labs, and learn the skills to develop their own game.

The program says it will pay apprentices the equivalent of $10 an hour for their time in the camp.

“The code [training] makes them create better games,” Carolina Fintech Hub executive director Tariq Bokhari said. “But in the end of this whole month-long process, they're actually going to end up seeing that the coding skill can launch them into all of Charlotte's top sectors.”

Apprentices will also have a chance to be pre-selected into the Carolina Fintech Hub WIN Program, which gives six months of paid training in coding that leads to a guaranteed job with a $55,000 salary.

Organizers have moved the application deadline to Friday, April 17. The program runs from April 20 to May 15.

Apply here.