MORRISVILLE, N.C. – Some of those in the high-risk category for COVID-19 are cancer patients. Imagine being concerned about the coronavirus, while also fighting another battle. That's why Susan G. Komen Triangle to the Coast started a fund to help raise money to continue serving breast cancer patients.

Krista Park Berry, the Executive Director of Komen's North Carolina Triangle to the Coast, says the Komen COVID-19 Action Fund will support the urgent needs of breast cancer patients such as Komen's Breast Care Clinical Trials Helpline, Komen Treatment Assistance Program, patient support, advocacy for patients, and research.

Park Berry says they've been receiving a lot of calls from patients wondering if they'll still have access to treatment during this pandemic.

"For some breast cancer patients, they may have to be delaying treatment and/or surgeries to not put a burden on the healthcare system, but also what does that mean as far as their health and their safety and their planning,” Park Berry explained. “Some of the funds raised will go to provide people with information and council them on their breast health and how delaying may or may not be something that they need to be talking about with their healthcare providers."

The fund will also help, as the Triangle Race for the Cure, which is a huge fundraiser, had to be rescheduled from May to Saturday, September 12.

"As many fundraising events have been rescheduled, including our race, we're really inviting partners and companies and people who are able to join us and help us be able to continue the work that we're doing, even during this very tough time,” Park Berry said. “And participate in this COVID-19 Action Fund, that's what this call is for, to make sure we can still focus on our priority.”

Susan G. Komen Triangle to the Coast has a page on its website dedicated to COVID-19. They did an interview with Dr. Lisa Carey to answer common questions those fighting breast cancer might have during this uncertain time. For that interview, click here.

For more information about the COVID-19 Action Fund or to donate, click here.