CRAMERTON, N.C. — The water at the Cramer Mountain Club outdoor pool may be 50 degrees but that wasn’t enough to stop dozens of people from jumping in.

  • Polar plunge proceeds benefit 15-year-old Adam Kincaid
  • Adam has a rare type of cancer called NUT Carcinoma
  • The New Year's Day plunge raised over $7,000

The polar plunge held Wednesday benefits 15-year-old Adam Kincaid. His mom is the manager at the club’s restaurant.

Adam was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer last year called NUT Carcinoma.

“It's when your cells kind of branch off and create tumors,” says Adam’s mom Kim. “He does have other tumors on his hip, his cervical spine, his scapula and he had some within his lymph nodes as well.”

Kincaid says the disease is stable and he will remain on a trial to hopefully shrink the tumors.

Wednesday’s plunge raised a little over $7,000 to help his family with medical and travel expenses for Adam.

If you would like to help Adam there is GoFundMe page to offer support.

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