CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The clock is ticking as we get closer to the Republican National Convention. It is set to bring thousands of people to Charlotte, and local students are getting the chance to be part of the action. 

  • Organizers say to have a national party convention in your hometown twice is extremely low
  • The same program was offered in 2012 when the DNC was in the Queen City
  • Applications are due by February 19

UNC-Charlotte is partnering with The Washington Center for an internship program. The two-week program includes seminars, guest speakers, and time in the arena for the main event. 

The same program was offered in 2012 when the Democratic National Convention came to town. 

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Dr. Eric Heberlig is co-chair of the committee at UNC-Charlotte handling RNC events. He says this gets students out of the classroom and into the experience of a lifetime. 

"I think it's a fantastic opportunity for the university and for students. You know, the chances of having a national party convention in your hometown is extremely low. To have it twice, I thought it 2012 it was a once-in--lifetime opportunity. Now, it's a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity," he said. "So, you need to take advantage of these things when you can. So, that's why we're trying to go all out to make sure our students get the best possible opportunities to engage with the convention." 

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John Waugh, a junior at UNC-Charlotte, says this internship is less about politics, and more about opportunity. 

"I think we just hear an opportunity. An opportunity to get our foot in the door, and be able to become more active, and also hopefully begin to start our careers," Waugh said. "This is an opportunity to get involved with some great organizations, and be able to put our foot in the door to hopefully grow and get a job after we graduate."

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Applications are due by February 19. More information for students about the internship and volunteer opportunities can be found here.