RALEIGH, N.C. -- A staple in the downtown Raleigh community has passed away.

  • Oak City Kitty, Tucker, has passed away.
  • He gained internet fame from his documented weight-loss journey.
  • His owners used to walk him around downtown. 

Tucker, a rotund feline known for his well-documented weight-loss journey in downtown, passed away Monday according to a post on his Instagram.

Tucker was known for getting his "exercise" in by walking around downtown with his owners. Despite his grumpy appearance, Tucker was friendly and often posed for photos with his "fans" and promoted local businesses.

"Tucker passed away peacefully in our arms this morning," said the post. "He will be missed. He will be loved forever by so many."

In honor of Tucker's passing, we've compiled a few of our favorite Instagram posts of him. 








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"Dear Oak City Kitty - will you please please PLEASE visit Town Hall?" This message (and hundreds of others just like it) normally get filtered straight to the trash, never to be acknowledged. However, technology is imperfect (unlike cats) and somehow this annoyance made it to the top of my list of things I have to manually delete and never acknowledge. But, being a slow day, I decided to have a bit of fun and respond. "Yes, with conditions. I require a plaque. I require a gavel. I require a parliamentary wig. I require the Mayor's spot on the dais. I require tuna." Certain that a Small Town (Big Charm, they add) would rescind their offer on hosting such a problematic feline, I tucked (aha) the phone away and went back to napping in front of the fire. Almost instantly, I was bothered by an alert that my unreasonable stipulations had received a reply. "Done. We're waiting." Having nothing else to do, I had dad haul me downtown so I could point out where they failed in meeting my demands so I could leave without fulfilling my obligations (no refunds!!). We parked directly out front (try THAT in downtown Raleigh) of town hall and were greeted by Megan, Wendell's town clerk and top-notch social media coordinator (she took all these photos, so credit goes to her and @townofwendell). After a thankfully short meet and greet with admiring town employees and a visit to the old holding cell, I was ushered into the official meeting room where I was greeted by a parliamentary wig, a plaque, a gavel, full access to the Mayor's spot on the dais, MY NAME ON ALL THE MONITORS, and tuna. Ridiculous. All this for a cat... Not one to ever shirk my duties, I endured this humiliating photo shoot with a scowl - and I didn't even attack anyone. What do you think? Does the wig make me look fat? Does Wendell need a feline Mayor? #politics #smalltown #northcarolina #tabbycat #tuna #celebritycat #wendell #mainecoon #petoftheday #cat

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