DURHAM, N.C. - On Saturday, Siembra North Carolina, an immigrant rights advocacy group, knocked on doors and reminded voters about a big bond on the ballot in November. 

This week, early voting begins in Durham.

Among the items on the ballot, a housing bond worth $95 million.

According to the city, if the bond passes, it would combine with millions more from local and federal funding for a total of $160 million.

The money would go towards Durham's Affordable Housing Bond Investment Plan which calls for a signicant increase in the city's number of affordable housing.

"Right now the city of Durham is deciding whether or not to use $95 million towards affordable housing and we want to make sure that eveyrone has the chance to know about the election and know that question is on there. Most people have no idea that's gonna be on the ballot," said Kathy Diaz, community organizer for Siembra NC.

Early voting in Durham begins on October 16.

Election day is November 5.