RALEIGH, N.C. – We’re learning more details about an international murder-for-hire investigation that’s centered around a Russian-national living in Raleigh.

  • An Apex man is expected to plead guilty to trying to bribe a public official to deport a man back to Russia. 
  • He is a business partner of Leonid Teyf,  who is accused of money laundering and attempting to have his ex-wife's suspected lover deported and killed.
  • Teyf is also connected to one of the 13 Russians indicted in the Mueller investigation, according to Russian media. 

A business partner of Leonid Teyf is expected to plead guilty to federal charges of bribing a public official and aiding-and-abetting.

PREVIOUSLY REPORTED: Raleigh Russian Arrested for Murder-For-Hire, Has Ties to Mueller Investigation

That man, John Patrick Cotter, of Apex, is accused of trying to pay off a Homeland Security official to get a man, suspected of having an affair with Teyf’s wife, deported back to Russia where he would likely be killed.

The FBI raided Teyf’s North Raleigh mansion in December.

PREVIOUSLY REPORTED: FBI Raids North Raleigh Mansion

This was before Russian media released that Teyf was connected with an oligarch charged in the Mueller investigation.

Teyf remains in custody awaiting trial.

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