NORTH CAROLINA -- Vice President Mike Pence had a busy day in North Carolina on Wednesday. 

  • The vice president visited Charlotte Wednesday
  • He arrived around noon
  • He received a preview of the RNC 2020, toured a textile company, and went to Greensboro for a "Trump Victory Event"

Early Wednesday afternoon, Air Force Two arrived in Charlotte which is where he first previewed preparations for the 2020 Republican National Convention. From there, he toured Parkdale Mills, a textile company in Monroe, where he spoke about the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement and its expected impact on North Carolina.

"This week we reached an agreement that puts American steel and American jobs first and it will have Mexico and Canada lift their retaliatory tariffs on agricultural goods under this new agreement effective this last Monday. North Carolina workers and farmers are going to win like never before," he said. "We've been making some progress, but there is still some work to do."



Following that event, he went to Greensboro for a fundraiser event for Thom Tillis at the Greensboro Country Club. He was greeted with supporters and protesters.