MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- One woman is honoring fallen Officer Jordan Sheldon in a special way.

  • Kayla Vega is honoring Mooresville and fallen Officer Sheldon in a special way, through song
  • She recorded a song and had it mastered in London at Abbey Road Studios
  • She also collected nearly 400 photos to show what home means to the community 

Kayla Vega has volunteered with Mooresville’s “Adopt A Cop” program in the past. Because of that, she says the death of Sheldon felt personal to her. So Kayla did what she always does when she has to get something off her chest.

“I sat down at my piano, I closed my eyes, and I let God or whatever power was with me that day guide my hands where they needed to go,” said Vega. 

Kayla’s ode to her adopted home took on a life of its own.

“I know that people don't want to remember the sad, they want to remember the positive. One bad incident isn’t going to change the strength that is Mooresville.”

After a quick recording session, Kayla's song headed to one of the world's most famous studios for finishing touches

“We sent it to London, UK, to Abbey Road Studios where we got it mastered. This was all in a matter of a week,” said Vega. 

She collected nearly 400 pictures to show what home means to the community---but she knew her song couldn't end without someone special: Officer Jordan Sheldon.

“I just thought that photo [of him] was angelic, it's beautiful and it really captured the relationship between him and his K9, and captured the essence of his life….hopefully he would've loved it.”