CHARLOTTE -- Organizers for the annual Charlotte Rescue Mission Easter meal say they're short on homemade desserts, and could use the public's help to make the celebration sweet.

  • The Charlotte Rescue Mission needs desserts for their Easter lunch.
  • They're being accepted through breakfast time tomorrow.
  • You can find more information here.

The mission hasn't received many donations this year. They're in need of cakes, cookies and pies.

The Easter meal includes breakfast and lunch at no cost. It's open to many guests who organizers say live on the street.

The Rescue Mission runs an addiction recovery program.

Organizers say they want homemade goods to add a special touch. 

"The importance of Easter is showing the community how much we care about them," Phillip Wilson says. "guests might see the hope that they can change and come into our program and have a new outlook on life." 

The Rescue Mission is accepting desserts up through the time breakfast begins at  7 a.m.

Lunch begins at 11:30 a.m. You can find more information here.

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