CHARLOTTE, N.C. --  Police say they're investigating a report of a woman assaulted by two men near Uptown Charlotte.

  • A woman was reportedly raped and strangled by two men near Uptown.
  • Police want folks to be vigilant and to travel in groups heading into All-Star weekend. 
  • No arrests have been made yet.

A 20-year-old woman was reportedly strangled, raped and robbed by the two men around 11 p.m. Friday night.

It happened near Tryon and 12th streets.

Police are encouraging people to stay and remain in groups as a safety measure, especially heading into All-Star weekend.

"We ask that people walk in groups. When you're in groups, it's a deterrent for anyone wanting to target you as a victim. That makes it a safe environment when you're walking in groups to get from Point A to Point B,” said Deputy Chief Johnny Jennings of CMPD. 

The victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. CMPD says there will be plain clothes officers in Uptown this coming weekend, but they want to hear from you if you see something, always say something.

So far, there have been no arrests in this case.