WILMINGTON, N.C. -- To say Wilmington has had a wet year would be a tremendous understatement. Through Thursday, Wilmington had officially received 97.75" of rain this year. That is a staggering amount.

The average yearly rainfall for the city is 57.61", so we surpassed that a long time ago.

Get this: Wilmington had already surpassed the average yearly rainfall before Florence hit. That's pretty amazing. Florence then added over 23" of rain. Wilmington had already recorded the wettest May on record, and obviously September 2018 was the wettest September on record due largely to Florence.

Wilmington already recorded the wettest year on record much earlier in the year. The record yearly rainfall was previously 83.65."

To put things in perspective, if you took the 23" of rain with Florence away, the city would still be less than 10" from the wettest year on record. That's incredible.

Factoring in Friday, this weekend's rain, there's a good chance the city eclipses 100" for the year. Even if it doesn't quite happen this weekend, there will be another shot or two prior to the end of the year.

This makes for truly an historic year of rainfall.