CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The horse has left the barn and many folks are galloping towards wintry shenanigans Saturday night through early Tuesday morning. 

Shenanigans you say?  I do.  It appears a bit more likely that our area will see a high impact winter event.  Much will change in the next 48 hours. Thus far, however, we are seeing consistent agreement with modeling about this forth coming event.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • NC is one of the hardest places for all elements coming together for a big snow event.  This could be it.
  • Track of the storm is KEY.  Too far north, a cold rain. Down the middle an icy rain mix. Far south, all snow.
  • Much like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football (Google if you need), we've had a lot of run ups to these big events only to have the snowy football pulled away at the last minute. Can that happen here?  Yes, but seems a bit less likely for now.

If you believe the EURO and GFS, we could be talking nearly a foot, or more, of snow along the I-85 line and north / northwest into the foothills.  Mountain counties could see two or more feet of snow.  Given the overall pattern of late, I can't fully shake the ghost of February 2004 from my brain. That friends, was a big snow event for our region.

So, there you are.  We'll hone the forecast in the coming days and we'll be watching for Lucy to pull away the football. 

I would go ahead and start some prep for having to be at home with a full house for a few days.  Nothing wrong with being over prepared and this not happen, versus not and stuck without some supplies.  

By Thursday night, early Friday, we should have a really solid feel about this being a big hit or not.