CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Anytime the Hornets have a home game the sidewalks are usually bustling with fans coming off the light rail and heading into the Spectrum Center.

  • A tree incident is impacting the Lynx Blue Rail
  • Some fans took the bus 
  • They are hoping to light rail is back before the next home game

On this opening night for the team, one sidewalk was very empty. Last week's tree incident near 12th Street is still affecting the Lynx Blue Rail. The only traffic coming from the arena station was from the Epicentre.

Hornets fan David Handy had no idea he had to hop on a bus in NoDa.

"Thank goodness there was someone on the train that knew what was going on and he directed us to take the bus," he said.

He wasn't alone. The bus bridge dropped off dozens who were likely in the same boat.

David Gonzalez, who normally parks in South End and takes the light rail in says he had to change his plans as well.

"Normally we hop on and miss Uptown traffic so uh, may take a little bit longer," he said.

So not quite a slam dunk considering a lack of train transit. Many are hoping the Charlotte Area Transit System fixes the issue before the next home game.

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