CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Just after Charlotte Mecklenburg Stormwater crews were about to get a break from cleaning up after Florence, the city of Charlotte is preparing to be hit by Michael.

  • Most waterways are clear of debris from Florence
  • Make sure your drains are clear near creeks or streams
  • Residents can track flooding online

Officials say most waterways are clear of debris from Florence, but that doesn't mean they will stay that way during this next round of storms.

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As the city is preparing themselves for the forecasted rainfall, officials are also asking all residents to do their part by making sure drains are clear and debris isn't built up near creeks or streams on their properties.

"We say it every time, but it really does help,” says John Wendel with Charlotte Mecklenburg Stormwater Services.  “Because if all those leaves and twigs and things like that are around the drain that water is going to back up. If they go down the drain a lot of that, that’s going to back up the streams and the creeks.”

As for flooding, Wendel suggests residents track it using the city's Fins map online, which you can find on the stormwater services website.


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