NORTH CAROLINA -- The remnants of Hurricane Florence and some unseasonably warm temperatures could impact visitors in the North Carolina mountains. 

  • Recent weather has caused delay in leaves turning
  • Experts say peak season could be delayed
  • The season brings in thousands of visitors to Blowing Rock

The last few weeks have brought heavy rain and warm temperatures to the mountains which caused a delay in the leaves turning. Howard Neufeld, a biology professor, tracks the leaves all year. At this point, he says we could potentially see a small delay in peak season but only by days.

“If the temperatures get above normal again and we don't get those cool nights, I would say peak could be delayed three to five days. It will still happen, it will just happen later,” he said.

Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce president Charles Hardin agrees with the small delay. He says peak season is important to Blowing Rock.

“October is so important. It's what gets us through the winter,” Hardin said.

It’s a season that brings in thousands of people. Officials say up to 3,000 people are there on a weekend with many spending money in shops.

“We have to get all our staff on board Saturdays. Saturday is crazy, but it's a lot of fun,” Breanna Hollis with Sunset Tees and Hattery said.

It’s because when the leaves change, it's a sight many people won’t forget.

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