POLK COUNTY, N.C. -- The World Equestrian Games get underway Tuesday night, and crews are working around the clock to finish last minute preparations.

  • Staff at the Tryon International Equestrian Center is keeping an eye Hurricane Florence
  • There are backup options if certain events need to be moved indoors
  • Tickets are still on sale starting at $20

The staff at the Tryon International Equestrian Center is also keeping an eye on the weather forecast as Hurricane Florence gets closer to the Carolinas. 

Sandra Decker, the Chief Operating Offer for the equestrian center, says the team is working closely with the National Weather Service and local first responders in case of severe weather. 

Decker says there are backup options that can be used if certain events need to be moved indoors. 

"We're fortunate here that we have 1,600 acres. We've got a number of facilities that are covered areas, we have a brand new covered arena, an enclosed arena that will be a primary location if we were to have a major storm," said Decker. 

The riders are also keeping an eye on the storm, and many of them are planning for the worst. 

"It just keeps changing by the minute, so we already have accommodations for our horses, and for ourselves. So we're planning for, if we need to, take extra precautions, and just hoping that we don't have to," said Sandra Beaulieu, an exhibition rider for the EQUUS Film Festival.

The games get underway Tuesday starting with the opening ceremonies and free concert. You can still buy tickets online for as little as $20.

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