CHARLOTTE, N.C. --  Seventeen-year-old Shreya Mantha is the first NC resident to win The Diana Award.

  • The award is named after Princess Diana, and given to young people for their humanitarian or social actions
  • Mantha started Foundation for Girls at age 14
  • Manth is also running for the Legacy Award

Named after Princess Diana, young people are nominated for their humanitarian or social actions. Mantha started her nonprofit, Foundation for Girls, when she was only 14.

"She has a clarity of mission and direction you just don't see these days. She inspires people all along the way," said Foundation Board Member Janet Ganoung, who nominated Mantha.

The Foundation offers a handful of programs, from financial wellness to digital literacy, to at-risk girls like teen moms, trafficking survivors, refugees, and more.

"It was surreal," said Mantha. "It didn't sink in that our work was being recognized as far as the UK."

Since its inception in 1999, more than 48,000 youth have won The Diana Award. Mantha is also in the running for The Legacy Award, which will celebrate the accomplishments of 20 young individuals making a difference in their communities.