CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte restaurants say customers are catching on to a more straw-less experience. 

  • Customers can request straws which are usually paper ones
  • Seattle launched a plastic straw and utensils ban in July
  • Decision doesn't sit well with disability advocacy groups

Many spots, like Cabo Fish Taco and Leroy Fox, say people can request straws, which are usually paper ones as alternatives. It follows in the footsteps of Seattle's plastic straw and utensils ban that launched July 1. 

"Starts at the restaurant itself, getting stuck in drains," said Brandon Viebrock of Leroy Fox. "Causing plumbing problems on a small scale."

The decisions made by big cities and even bigger corporations, like Starbucks, to put a stop to plastic does not sit well with disability advocacy groups. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies individuals have a right to goods and services provided by all businesses.

"You can't just eliminate an accessible feature from your goods and services and think you're done. You have to know what your Plan B is," said Disability Rights & Resources executive director Julia Sain.

Both restaurants say they have plastic straws ready for individuals with disabilities.

"If we have to build a straw for someone, we will do it. Whatever it takes," added Viebrock.





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