CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There's some renewed energy to preserve West Charlotte's historic Excelsior Club, but the clock is ticking before the iconic building is destroyed.

  • The Excelsior Club could be demolished next summer
  • Carla Cunningham says it was a business decision, not a personal one
  • Property is currently being appraised

North Carolina Representative Carla Cunningham, who inherited the club from her late husband, is trying to sell the property. She recently filed paperwork with the Historic Landmarks Commission that could lead to the club’s demolition next summer

Cunningham said this wasn't a personal decision, but a business one.

“It wasn't left for me to run it. It was left for to me to be financially sustained for a lifestyle and that hasn't happened,” said Cunningham. “I've had to sustain lots of things not just the historic Excelsior Club for years.”

The Historic Landmarks Commission is currently appraising the property and calculating the cost to restore it. Historian Dan Morrill said he doesn't think they'll be able to restore the entire building but the goal is to preserve the club's most iconic features in the front

“I think some very imaginative things could be done design-wise to incorporate that facade into a new larger building,” said Morrill.

The Historic Landmarks Commission is expected to meet with Cunningham about the club's new appraisal at the end of the month. 

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