CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Ballantyne puppy is now back with her family after an hours-long rescue effort.

  • A six-week-old puppy named MJ was trapped for nearly four hours.
  • She was stuck in a sewage drain pipe.
  • The owners have only lived at the home about six months. 

It happened in the 9000 block of Evergreen Terrace Drive off of Ardrey Kell Road.

Six-week-old puppy “MJ” was trapped in a drain pipe for nearly four hours.

She was stuck five feet underground. At one point, rescuers had to shut off the water to the home to make sure no one flushed the toilet or turns on water so the puppy didn’t drown.

They also gave her oxygen through a tube and the family gave the puppy dog treats down the pipe so she'd stay calm. This all began around 6:30 Thursday morning during a regular walk.

“I had been telling them for the last couple of days there’s an open hole. And then there’s a dog that went by. And she’s pretty fast and pretty quick. And then she turned and saw the dog and he turned around for one second and she saw the dog and he turned back around and she spurted out and then took off and then went down in the hole,” said Monet Evans-Thomas, MJ’s owner.

The owners say they've only lived at the home about six months.

A spokesperson with Charlotte Fire says he's reminding families to survey their property for any open pipes and that standard covers can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Spectrum News has a crew at the scene and will bring you the latest when available.

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