COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The Confederate flag flew again at the South Carolina State House Tuesday.

  • On the third anniversary of the Confederate flag being removed from state house grounds, the S.C. Secessionist Party raised it again. 
  • Counter-protesters expressed concern for allowing the ceremony to continue again.
  • A plan was approved in February to have the flag displayed at a museum but it is not lawmaker-approved yet. 

Members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party raised the flag temporarily on the third anniversary of its removal from the state house grounds.

It was an equal showing of both the Secessionist Party and a group of counter-protesters outside the fences.

Several speakers dotted the ceremony, saying they’re still disappointed that the flag has yet to be displayed at a museum.

According to the Associated Press, $350,000 dollar plan for a display was given the thumbs up in February by the South Carolina Confederate Relic and Military Museum board and needs state lawmaker approval.

On the other side, members of the group Showing up for Racial Justice expressed their concern for allowing this ceremony to continue year after year.

“[A] lot of people in SC who this flag means something very different. They believe the flag should still be respected,” said James Bessinger of the SC Secessionist Party.

“Not everyone agrees with this. Silence equals consent. We show up to let people know we don’t agree with this,” said Sarah Keeling with Showing Up for Racial Justice.

The flag will fly until Tuesday evening. 


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