CHARLOTTE -- When it comes to stopping the parking situation from getting worse in NoDa, businesses and patrons alike feel the 36th Street light rail station has done its job.

  • More visitors appear to be using the LYNX Blue Line in NoDa
  • The Blue Line extension opened four months ago
  • Some business owners say they commute by rail now which is easier than trying to find parking

For close to four months now, neighborhood aficionados felt they've seen more visitors walk in from the LYNX Blue Line stop. The fight for ideal parking spots at night is steady, but shops are happy with the boost in customers.

“We see a lot more folks from Uptown on lunch break coming in from the light rail,” said Popbar owner Clarence Lyons. “Those numbers we can actually see, they're picking. We definitely think that's from the light rail."

Some business owners even stated they've started to commute via rail, saying a trade of car keys for train ticket is better than jockeying for a spot on North Davidson.