MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Two parents are charged for leaving their daughter inside a hot car last Thursday afternoon.

  • Sarah Hunt and Brandon Burris are facing charges
  • Child was sweating and crying inside the vehicle
  • Child is expected to be OK

Police say 30-year-old Sarah Hunt and 27-year-old Brandon Burris are charged with misdemeanor child abuse. Officers say the 2-year-old child was left in the car for at least 10 minutes as the parents were inside of a Verizon store on River Highway.



They say the car’s temperatures reached at least 90 degrees while the child was crying and sweating.   

The child is expected to be OK. Officers say the parents' actions didn't seem intentional, but children shouldn't be left in a hot vehicle for any length of time.

A woman called 911 when she noticed no parents were around and the child was clearly upset.

Hunt and Burris will appear in court next month. 

The child is in the care of Hunt's mother. 

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