SOUTH CAROLINA -- Six people are facing drug and money laundering conspiracy charges after a federal drug raid in South Carolina.

  • Arrests date back to 2016 and are connected to a recent indictment in South Carolina
  • All face up 10 years to life except one
  • Detention hearings expected in federal court next Monday

The arrests are part of two state drug investigations involving the FBI and DEA. Arrests are being made in both North and South Carolina.

The arrests Wednesday in South Carolina date back to November 2016, and are connected to a recent indictment in the state.

Officials say Darrell Hemphill, Mikey Caldwell, Archie Caldwell, Terese McMullen, Sequoyah Neeley and Darrell Crockett are charged.

They were picked up during a drug raid on Stephanie Lane in Rock Hill, SC.

The judge said the six possessed cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, oxycodone, and marijuana with the intent to sell them.

All of them except for one are facing at least 10 years to life in prison along with a $10 million fine.

McMullen is facing 5 to 40 years and a $5 million fine for his involvement.

All of them are facing 20 years plus a $500,000 fine for money laundering conspiracy, and are being held without bond.

They'll have detention hearings next Monday in federal court, but the case is also pending in South Carolina.