ST. PAUL, Minn. -- A raccoon that scaled and was stuck on the side of a skyscraper for about three days, capturing the hearts of thousands on social media, has made it to the roof of the 20-story building.

  • Raccoon scales 20-story building in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Journey had social media buzzing with worry over the animal
  • Raccoon dubbed 'MPRaccoon' made it to roof Wednesday

The raccoon is the top trend on Twitter in the U.S.

Just before 4 a.m. Wednesday, the raccoon, dubbed #MPRaccoon on Twitter, made it to the roof of the UBS Tower in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

St. Paul Animal Control had placed cat food and a trap up there to entice it from the side of the high-rise.

The raccoon's saga began three days ago, when it started to scale the building. The building's windows don't open, so worried onlookers were forced to watch and wait for it to reach the roof -- or fall.

Wildlife experts say that getting close to a raccoon may spook it, provoking it to attack or leap. Fire officials said they couldn't in good conscience risk the life of a firefighter for a raccoon.

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