LINCOLN COUNTY -- The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office has granted a grandmother emergency custody of her grandaughter after previously charging her with kidnapping. 

  • 62-year-old Shelley Heafner had been babysitting the child since June 6
  • Heafner fled with her granddaughter when she was informed that the mother was bringing the child's father with her to pick up the child
  • Child's father recently released from jail 

Shelley Lovin Heafner, 62, of Lincolnton had been babysitting her 8-month-old granddaughter since June 6 when Rebecca Stanley, the child's biological mother, told Heafner she was bringing the child’s father, who was recently released from jail, with her to pick her up.

Heafner refused to return the child and left the scene.

Shelley Heafner

Heafner was originally charged with child abduction, but a Lincoln County District Court judge dropped those charges and granted an emergency custody order for her to keep the child.

The child is safe and still in the care of the grandmother. No additional charges are expected.