CHARLOTTE -- Something is rotten in Denmark. Or in this case, UNC Charlotte. But it has the staff at its Botanical Gardens overjoyed.

Both of their corpse flowers, Rotney and Odie, have bloomed within three weeks of each other. Odie is the later bloom, and bloomed once before in 2015, so staffers said the timing between him and Rotney is rather incredible.

"One minute they are there, the next they are gone and you have missed it. And in this case you have missed it for at least three years. Its very special, and very endearing to see peoples faces and to see the joy these plants bring to them," said Tammy Blume, greenhouse manager.

Both have stirred up quite the social media storm via live cam, and attracted thousands of visitors so far.

Environmental studies major Lindsay Smith said she liked, “The size and the pop of color around it. Even though its not a particularly beautiful plant, I think it is still beautiful.”

Odie is expected to close Friday, May 25. Staffers plan to collect pollen over the weekend, and eventually plant the seeds for future corpse flowers.