CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- College students around the country are celebrating a milestone at their graduation ceremonies this month. In Charlotte, one father and son pair have even more reason to celebrate.

  • Gary Kasey's father helps him get around campus
  • Inspired father to pursue degree online
  • Kasey going to get master's degree at University of Pittsburgh

Gary Kasey, a senior at Johnson C. Smith University, has cerebral palsy, and uses a wheelchair to get around. 

Because of his disease, his father would help him get around campus by pushing him to class and helping him in the classroom. 

Richard Williams, Kasey's father, was so inspired by his son, he began to pursue his own undergraduate degree online. 

Sunday, as Kasey becomes a college graduate, he and his family couldn't be more proud of everything he's accomplished. 

​"Today, I get to walk across the stage, and tell my naysayers what you said didn't really matter," Kasey said. 

"I saw that he's Cum Laude, and the fact that people told him that he wasn't smart enough to do it, just proved them wrong. And my son is a big inspiration to me. And I'm so proud of him," said Williams. ​

Kasey won't be out of school for long. He's headed to the University of Pittsburgh this fall to complete his master's degree in social work.