CHARLOTTE - Charlotte City Council made adjustments to the manager's $2.6 billion budget recommendations.

During their first budget workshop Wednesday, city leaders asked the city manager for more clarity about the proposed 6.5 percent pay raise for Charlotte-Mecklenburug police officers. They also want to reevaluate the pay plan for public safety to better support firefighters.

The proposal includes a one penny tax hike to cover these pay raises which is about $10/year for homes valued at $100,000.




Council member LaWana Mayfield believes they may have to triple the increase next year to avoid more tax hikes in the future.

“If we were able to address everything, what would that tax actually look like? Is that two cent? Is that three cent? Let’s just have a real conversation about what the numbers are,” said Mayfield.

Budget committee vice chair Ed Driggs doesn’t support any kind to tax increase. He believes council needs to be more practical.

“What worries me is that I think this budget is a bit of an overreach based on future periods,” said Driggs. “We're not going to be able to keep up the kind of investments we're talking about making today and I think people will be disappointed.”

City council will vote on these various changes on May 30.

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