CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Just weeks after Charlotte officially submitted their bid to host the 2020 Republican National Convention, their list of competitors is dwindling.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada is a competitor
  • Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Bureau declined to submit a bid
  • Support from both sides could strengthen bid

"We believe it's down to about 3. We think there are some other strong competitors, but we think Charlotte is well-positioned," said Dallas Woodhouse, Executive Director of the North Carolina GOP.

One of those competitors is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Michael McDonald, Chairman of Nevada's Republican Party, says it's a perfect place to host such an event.

"We feel very confident in our bid. We have community leaders, we have civic leaders, financial leaders as far as our ability to get this done."

But, there are some that aren't completely on board, like the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Bureau Authority. They've declined to submit a bid because of capacity reasons. In a statement they say "they will certainly provide [their] support if community leaders are able to find available space to host the event."

The National Committee declined to comment on the cities vying for the event. 

Charlotte leaders from both sides of the aisle say the support is there, which could further play to the strength of their bid.

"Charlotte is extremely well-positioned because of strong bi-partisan community support, and can support this event in a non-political way," said Woodhouse.

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