CHARLOTTE -- A bike-sharing company is in hot water after their electric scooter launch in Charlotte earlier this week.

  • The City of Charlotte issued a cease and desist.
  • The company was given 3 days to comply. 
  • City council members have spoken out about their concerns.

Could the LimeBike’s scooters get squeezed out of Charlotte? The city issued a cease and desist notice  to the company after they rolled out.

Tuesday, officials told us LimeBike was given three days to comply before the City of Charlotte took any further action.

City leaders liked the concept, but expressed concern about safety, littering, and legal exposure in case of accidents.

So for now, it looks like LimeBike has to pump the brakes.

"There are other, and maybe more serious concerns when you talk about an electric, motorized scooter that can operate in both the street and sidewalks,” said council member Tariq Bokhari.

Additionally, council member Larken Egleston tweeted "To the 300+ people who sent the exact same form email about @LimeBike scooters - I love scooters too & we want to explore transportation options like them in #CLT. We also have rules & procedures for how programs should be rolled out that @LimeBike ignored, so blame them, not us."

We've reached out to LimeBike for more information.

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